New PS4 Pro’s coming bundled with a 1 Year Playstation Plus code

Before you purchase a Playstation 4 Pro you should know whats new and the differences between the original PS4. One of they ways they are drawing new customers into buying a new console is by offering them a complementary PS+ code that will give them all the online features and everything else it has to offer for one full year.  This has not been done yet but there is a possibility that it might be offered in the near future.  Until then you can still get free Playstation Plus codes if you don’t feel like shelling out a ton of cash just to play online with your buddies.  If you do pick up this console you’ll want to pick up some new video games on the PS Store that’s 4K compatible.

We’re going to keep it short and sweet. You should get the new PS4 Pro especially if you have a 4K TV right now! Don’t opt for the PS4 Slim, just go with the Pro. You won’t regret it.  You’ll love how all the 4K games will look, it’s will be a magnificent treat to your eyes.  It will capture you in many ways and leave you wanting more!  Some of the games that we have played have been breathtaking, Tomb Raider looked so amazing we even finished the game a 2nd time just to see everything in its fullest potential.

The PS4 Pro is a bit bigger than the original PS4, it shares the same plastic finish and beveled corners that the slim has.  It has done away with the glossy finish which is a complete finger print magnet.  Fan noise is reduced which is always a good thing.  You get the console, cables, and a controller out of the box and you will also get a Playstation Plus trial for 14 days.  You will want to get a subscription soon, especially if you pick up a game that is for online play.

drawn to deathOne of the games coming out for free on the Playstation Store next month will be Drawn to Death, which will take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s capabilities.  There are other games that will be available for free and are going to have special deals but have not been announced yet.  So be sure to get a subscription before the end of the month, you can even pick up a free Playstation Plus code from various giveaways being done on some websites and Instagram.

overwatchAnother game we had to see in 4K resolution was Overwatch.  Man o man did it ever live up to our expectations.  Everything was so crispy and clean, the buttery smooth 60fps made it a joy to play.  Everything was a visual masterpiece, all the particles were clean, nothing could escape our eyes. We’re hoping that the rest of the future PS4 games coming out support these resolutions and the old existing games to have a patch.  If all the current games are going to be patched then having a Playstation plus subscription will definitely come in handy.  Patch download sizes are huge and can take a lot of time.

We highly recommend you pick up the Playstation 4 Pro if you don’t currently own any PS4 console.  If you do… sell it and buy the PRO!  It’s worth the cost for what it offers, we just wished it came with 4K BlueRay video playback.

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