This Impressive Instagram hack lets you save live Videos

One of the most impressive features of Instagram is the being able to stream live videos at any time.  The only downside to it is that you are not able to save it unless you use a screen recorder which unfortunately is not possible.  Many users have tried to figure out how to hack Instagram so they can save some of their crazy moments while doing a live show.  Some people have no been able to use live videos when it first came out but now it’s available to everyone who has the app.

How do you use Instagram live?

It’s very easy to do, it’s easily available as soon as you open up the camera. You will have the options to take pictures, videos, or start streaming the live video. It’s best if you are on a strong wifi or LTE connection so your followers don’t end up watching a blocky stream. When you start it up your followers that are currently using Instagram will get a notification at the top of the screen, which they can click on and quickly jump into your live video.

So am I able to record the streaming video?

Instagram live video hackThe only way you can do it is if you use an Instagram hack that works as a 3rd party app. You may have to root your Android or jailbreak your iOS device depending on the app that you use. Most of these apps are not available for download from the iTunes or Googleplay store, they will have to be downloaded from the creator’s websites or a hacking online forum. Each hacking app works differently and depending on the one that you have there may be more work involved to run it properly. Our favorite app to use lets only needs us to run the application, leave it running in the background then start up Instagram.

Some things to consider before running the hacking tool

Be very aware of where you download the hack. You might download different iterations of the app and have been modified to callback the programmer. Make sure you download it from trusted sources or from the coders themselves, they usually are only concerned with their goals and have no interest in stealing personal information. If you’re on an Android device you will have to turn on certain permissions before you can install apk files from unknown locations. If you can run the app in a sandbox mode that would really help keep you secure. People who use iPhone will have to go through a bit more trouble to get these Instagram hacks up and running.

If your account gets hacked take these steps immediately

Instagram hacker
Protect your Instagram account young Jedi

Change your Instagram password as soon as possible to regain control of the account. If that fails you may lose your account forever unless you act fast. You can go through the processes of contacting Instagram staff but that way takes too long and a bunch of verification is needed before any action is taken. Your best bet would be to use a tool that hacks Instagram passwords and quickly delivers it to you. These tools work fast and usually take a few minutes before you have complete control of the account. Make changes as soon as you can so you can lock out anyone that has compromised your account. Always keep a backup of your photos and videos just in case something like this happens. Losing memories sucks, take the time to protect your online social accounts.

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