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5 Snapchat hacks you should be using

Snapchat hacksIf you’ve ever gotten your Snapchat account hacked into you know it can be a massive headache.  You could potentially lose revenue and interest from your followers.  There is a Snapchat hack that can help you recover your account and any password tied to it.  Or you might need it to spy on someone to uncover what they’re really hiding from you.  Sometimes it can be a simple case of getting back the important message you received through Snapchat.  DMs do disappear after 24 hours on your device, but it is still recoverable through the database servers. Continue reading “5 Snapchat hacks you should be using”

This Impressive Instagram hack lets you save live Videos

One of the most impressive features of Instagram is the being able to stream live videos at any time.  The only downside to it is that you are not able to save it unless you use a screen recorder which unfortunately is not possible.  Many users have tried to figure out how to hack Instagram so they can save some of their crazy moments while doing a live show.  Some people have no been able to use live videos when it first came out but now it’s available to everyone who has the app. Continue reading “This Impressive Instagram hack lets you save live Videos”