5 Snapchat hacks you should be using

Snapchat hacksIf you’ve ever gotten your Snapchat account hacked into you know it can be a massive headache.  You could potentially lose revenue and interest from your followers.  There is a Snapchat hack that can help you recover your account and any password tied to it.  Or you might need it to spy on someone to uncover what they’re really hiding from you.  Sometimes it can be a simple case of getting back the important message you received through Snapchat.  DMs do disappear after 24 hours on your device, but it is still recoverable through the database servers.

1. Password recovery

Recovering passwords is a difficult task.  Using software to hack the accounts make it much easier and only takes a fraction of the time.  Doing it manually is much more difficult and requires knowledge in various programs and coding.  The hacking app uses brute force methods alongside with database hacking.  If it’s not able to crack the password in one hour it will resort to hacking the Snapchat servers.  The database holds a record of all the passwords, which is all encrypted.  The hacking software has a built-in decryption algorithm to quickly bypass any security measures.

2. Email recovery

Forgetting the email you used to sign up with Snapchat will be a big problem when trying to recover your password.  The Snapchat hacker is able to find out what email you have registered with the account.  Once you have this information you’ll be able to reset your password without any programs.  Now if you can’t log into the email address because you don’t remember the password then you’re out of luck.  Unless you can verify ownership of the Snapchat account through a phone number.  Which was used when using two-step authentication.

3. Verify through phone number

Using your phone to verify ownership is the easiest method to hacking into any Snapchat account.  You receive a text message with a verification code.  Once verified you will be able to reset the password to anything you want.  This is the simplest form of hacking.  As long as you have their mobile device in hand you can easily do it in less than a minute.  Taking into consideration the phone being unlocked, and being logged into Snapchat.

4. Take screenshots and record Snaps without notifying the owner

snapchat screenshots hackThis is probably the most request and popular Snapchat hacks.  Trying to take a screenshot with your phone is impossible without the original owner getting a notification of who did it.  There are ways around this like taking a photo of your phone with a camera.  This results in a terrible image so there has to be a better way.  Using the Snapchat hacking app lets you do this.  It will instantly save any Snaps and videos that you view to your gallery.  Using the backend of the mobile phone is what makes it possible.  Instead of using screenshots it uses another method of capturing.

5. Read messages; Private and messages that have vanished

Having the chance to read over messages, again and again, is an option that will truly never happen in Snapchat.  At its core, Snapchat has always had disappearing messages and it always will.  If you’ve used Snapchat since the beginning and have been away from it for a long time you might want to check out how to use Snapchat again. That’s how they started out and they intend to keep it that way.  Giving you the ability to read over private messages and any that has disappeared is something that most Snapchat users are curious about.  Use the Snapchat hack to make your life a bit easier.  This option can be turned on within the app.  Once you set it, messages get saved into a file that can later be opened and reread.

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